Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Set to Launch This July – Will it Propel SHIB Price to $0.0001?

• Shibarium, the ambitious project by Shiba Inu, is expected to launch in July.
• The launch date has been a topic of discussion as the community awaits the upgrade.
• Lucie, a SHIB community influencer and member of the SHIB marketing team shared her prediction that Shytoshi Kusama also guessed July for the mainnet launch.

Shibarium Set for July Launch

The ambitious project by Shiba Inu (SHIB), Shibarium is set to launch in July according to Shytoshi Kusama, lead developer of the project. This was revealed by LUCIE, a SHIB community influencer and a member of SHIB’s marketing team who shared her prediction on social media platforms.

Confidence on Launch Date

The post from Lucie featured a screenshot of Shibarium1, an anonymous yet prominent Shibarium developer, stating that the launch is closer than expected with August being predicted as the month prior to this update. With multiple teams working on integrating artificial intelligence into the project and rigorous testing process underway without any challenge encountered so far, there is confidence about its release within Q3 2023 – with July being suggested as most likely date for its launch.

Shibarium Warns Against Fake Giveaways

With much anticipation surrounding the upcoming launch, there have been reports of fake giveaways associated with Shibarium which has been warned against accordingly by its team members. With such scams becoming rampant in crypto space lately it is essential to be vigilant about verifying sources before engaging with anything related to cryptocurrency investments or promotions.

Update From Shibarium1

On Discord channel, Shibarium1 assured the community that they are working towards accelerating their release time and also revealed that development process has been going smoothly without any challenge encountered during their testing phase thus far. With all eyes now glued on July as potential launching period for this long awaited upgrade, users can expect more updates from developers soon concerning further progress made towards its mainnet release date and other associated developments thereof .


It is evident that Shibarium’s upcoming mainnet launch will provide massive opportunities for its holders and investors alike as it promises revolutionary upgrades and features hitherto unseen in blockchain technology through its integration with Artificial Intelligence capabilities among others. While we await official confirmation from developing team regarding exact date of its launching period we urge users to remain cautious whenever engaging with activities related to cryptocurrencies online especially when dealing with any sort of investment opportunities or promotions therein .